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Digital Services

The FKH Digital Influence team is our social media-based, word of mouth marketing discipline solely dedicated to the healthcare, life sciences and health technology industries we serve. We are a US-based team located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and we benefit from a strong network partnership with our global Ogilvy 360° Digital Influence group partners in Asia, Europe, and Latin America. We believe the power of social media comes from fully integrated programs that include third party engagement to activate genuine word of mouth and strong digital presence. We use social media, digital marketing, and new technologies to effectively communicate to our clients’ constituencies.

Clients and partners recommend us based upon our deep understanding and knowledge of the industries we serve, and most importantly because of the business results that we deliver and the transformative role we have played in their organization. We understand the stringent regulatory environment our clients face in the healthcare and health technologies space, and we help guide our clients through the often turbulent landscape. Our team members have represented our firm, our clients and the entire industry in speaking with the FDA to help guide the core principles that are propelling digital influence into its next phase. We are helping to lead this charge.

From blogs to wikis to Social Media Platforms (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube) to patient/researcher focused communities… new patterns of influence have emerged and are changing the ways people find health related information in the digital realm. We help guide our clients through this landscape of online dialogue and participation, and determine the best approach for engaging in social media channels based on deeply rooted strategic research in an ever changing digital healthcare environment.