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Corporate and Product Communications

Feinstein Kean Healthcare’s staff is multi-disciplinary in recognition of the many different knowledge sets that inform biomedicine. We offer clients an unmatched cadre of specialists, including business strategists, science writers and editors, policy experts, publicists, digital influencers, communications planners, social marketers – all of whom are focused on where the science is headed at dizzying speed, and how best to leverage and commercialize innovation in the healthcare industry.

The challenges of healthcare do not stop at U.S. borders. We work with our clients globally to maximize the impact of their programs across all geographic and cultural boundaries.

Advocacy Relations
The advocacy community – whether it is patient advocates, disease advocates, or research advocates – is a growing component of the healthcare ecosystem. FKH works with its clients to engage this segment in a meaningful dialogue to create a mutually beneficial relationship that helps organizations get closer to their target audience.

Biotechnology Scientific Publicity
FKH pioneered the use of science-based communications to help biotech companies build their visibility, credibility and value. We know how to extract maximum opportunity from conference presentations, journal publications and clinical and regulatory milestones — trial recruitment, publication of Phase II and III data, FDA filings, Advisory Committee meetings.

Brand Positioning and Building of Therapeutic Franchises
Branding at a therapeutic level raises awareness of a company’s contribution to disease states and builds credibility for the corporate brand. FKH’s experience and knowledge of multiple therapeutic areas drive insights to build strong positions in the minds of target audiences.

Corporate Branding and Positioning
For any company, branding is critically important — it reflects and shapes relationships with customers, media, and investors. When your brand drives your value, you need a partner who can get it right. We believe that visibility plus credibility equals value. And we have used our knowledge of the industry, and our contacts within it, to help build this value for hundreds of commercial- and development-stage companies and start-ups.

Corporate Presentations
FKH helps to bring your company’s vision — and value — to life. We have helped many of our clients create compelling and differentiating presentations, and deliver them more effectively. We can help you tell your story, and tell it well. We are particularly adept at helping you to translate complex science for investors, and to animate it in a way that demonstrates its clinical and commercial value.

Creative National Disease Awareness Campaigns
Not all communications point back to the company or product brand. Sometimes the most effective programs are unbranded and serve to elevate an entire category in the market. There’s an art to balancing the impartiality of an unbranded campaign with meeting the goals of a brand or company – we bring that to the table.

Data/Regulatory Milestone Announcements
Data and regulatory milestones keep brands up front and center for audiences and signal to investors that momentum continues apace. It is critical to get these announcements in front of the right eyes. FKH’s familiarity with this space, plus our targeted media contacts, ensure critical visibility for important milestones.

Digital Influence and e-Patient/Community Engagement
From blogs to wikis to Facebook to Twitter to patient communities… new patterns of influence have emerged and are changing the ways people find health related information in the digital realm. We help guide our clients through this landscape of online dialogue and participation, and determine the best approach for engaging in social media channels. We also benefit from a strong network partnership with our Social@Ogilvy partners in Asia, Europe, and Latin America.

Executive Visibility
Visibility is a key determinant of value, especially for start-ups or companies whose technologies are still in the developmental stage. FKH can keep you and your company in front of analysts, partners, investors and the media through thought-leadership activities — prominent speaking engagements, bylined articles in influential trade publications, and introductions to our network of industry leaders. We help you identify the opportunities and audiences most closely aligned with your goals, provide communication training as needed, and manage all logistics.

Financing Preparation
FKH understands the capital needs of the biotech industry, and we have a long history of assisting companies with multiple rounds of private and public financing. We can assist in the entire “run-up” process of establishing visibility and credibility among trade and business press and investors; building a presence among investors; and developing and executing post-financing PR and IR plans.

Health Industry Initiatives
As life sciences and health care converge, there are a variety of public-private collaborations emerging that cross traditional silos. Often, the participants must communicate across “time and space” in a cyber-community dedicated to a common cause. We use all our knowledge of these biomedical communities – and our digital influence skills – to build new ecosystems and drive the success of novel initiatives.

Image-Building for Non-Profit Organizations
Non-profit organizations ‘compete’ in a crowded space to gain member and donor attention. Although they do not seek ‘sales’, they want to be positioned as leaders, having the credibility needed to change the landscape. We have worked with a broad spectrum of such organizations – those that are just-formed and those in need of repositioning for a new generation – using our scientific and strategic credentials.

Internal Communications
Internal communications is more than a memo from the CEO. Your employees are your greatest asset, so it’s paramount that you communicate clearly and consistently with them.  To affect real change, FKH uses multiple channels with targeted messaging to win the hearts and minds of internal audiences.

Investor Relations
We have assisted countless biotech companies on the pathway to IPO, managing all communications before, during and after the offering. We can help you develop financing strategies, prepare for financial meetings, manage analyst briefings, comply with SEC disclosure regulations and effectively manage shareholder communications.

Issues Management
FKH can help you manage issues before they become crises. We work with you to assess areas of vulnerability or controversy, then effectively confront and resolve them. We secure briefings with top journalists; monitor media coverage and opposition activities and develop counter-strategies; and create comprehensive crisis communications plans that can help you steer through even the toughest storms.

Media Relations
Our media specialists enjoy strong relationships with top-tier journalists, and can help you tell your story in the right way at the right time. In addition to strategic counsel and crisis/issues management, we offer a full range of media relations services specializing in the biotech, life sciences, and pharmaceutical industries. Read more about our media training program here.

Payor Relations and Marketing Programs
The payor community has an increasingly vital role on the healthcare delivery paradigm. With more focus on cost and overall value of treatments, effectively communicating with payors can be the difference between patients having access to your product and patients forgoing your product.

Pipeline Communication
Bringing a drug through clinical development is a long process, requiring careful precision at each step. The same holds true for communicating the milestones along the way. FKH has supported companies at each stage of development – and onward through successful commercialization.

Product Approvals and Launches
It’s go-time: all elements of your business and communications plans must be ready and pointed in the right direction. FKH can help you get there, creating the roadmaps and timelines that can keep you on task and on target. We can develop the brand, engage the thought leaders, communicate the science, prepare the market, design and produce print, broadcast and online tools, work to ensure compliance with FDA and SEC guidelines, place the media stories and create awareness and anticipation among investors, policymakers and consumers

Professional and Consumer Engagement
Reaching your end customer – be it healthcare professionals or everyday consumers – is every bit important as it is challenging. Our targeted approach will maximize your budget while differentiating you from competitors by working within channels and messages that garner the highest ROI.

Reinvigoration of Mature Brands
Mature brands bring hard-earned wisdom to the marketplace but are sometimes overlooked for the next new thing. FKH brings brands up to date while staying true to the core values that audiences trust and depend on. We can also help brands transition as they lose exclusivity and generics come into the market.

Scientific Communications
FKH pioneered the use of science-based communications to help pharmaceutical and biotech companies build their visibility, credibility and value. We know how to extract maximum opportunity from conference presentations, journal publications and clinical and regulatory milestones – trial recruitment, publication of Phase II and III data, FDA filings, Advisory Committee meetings.