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The FKH Commitment to Rare Disease

FKH is honored to be a member of the RARE Corporate Alliance.

FKH is a strategic partner to leading companies and organizations working to support people affected by rare diseases. We draw on in-depth client experience spanning more than 20 orphan conditions, as well as broader experiences and relationships with the rare disease community, to help our clients navigate through the often uncharted waters that face those seeking to overcome rare diseases.

We develop and implement integrated, multi-disciplinary communications strategies to successfully address relevant issues associated with trial recruitment, pipeline communication, product launches, pricing, reimbursement, global patient access. We enable new models of patient engagement through advanced digital, social, and data-based approaches.

We draw on deep first-hand understanding of the unique regulatory and commercial environment for rare diseases to help innovators shape an environment supportive of patient-centered innovation. We have helped numerous rare disease leaders design and execute visibility, stakeholder engagement, and thought leadership activities that are strategically smart, and tightly aligned with commercial and organizational goals.

We are proud to apply our unrivaled experience and a deep-rooted sense of commitment to help our clients improve the lives of people affected by rare diseases. With approved therapies now available for fewer than five percent of the estimated 7,000 rare diseases – and scientific advances bringing new hope to many others – we believe that the rare disease revolution is only beginning.