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Power IT Up: Big Data Meets Healthcare

The “Davos of Health Data”

Health Datapalooza is the place where those who are powering the data-driven revolution come together. Healthcare data will disrupt or power your business soon, so be sure to check out our recap of Health Datapalooza IV.

The Highlights

  • It’s a big gathering. But not so big that you can’t meet VIPs, including the U.S. CTO. Or track down CEOs, academic thought leaders, and super-star informatics guys for networking and collaborations.
  • The gee-whiz factor. The latest apps for data-sharing, research analysis, clinical decision support and personalized medicine are demo’d. No vaporware, just real-time sneak previews.
  • Awards, challenges, prizes. You see the best and brightest of 2013. Who’s winning, who needs to catch up.

The Role of Feinstein Kean

At the table…

Health Datapalooza is the signature event of the Health Data Consortium, a collaboration among government, non-profit, and private sector organizations working to foster the availability and innovative use of data to improve health and health care. The Consortium advocates with data sources for data best practices and information sharing; and works with businesses, entrepreneurs, and academia to help them understand how to use data to develop new products, services, apps and research insights. FKH Chairman Marcia Kean serves on the HDC Membership Committee.

Connecting our clients

Most FKH clients are “disrupters” who are changing the healthcare landscape. We are helping them to meet other “data liberators” who will shape the new rules of healthcare.

Spotlighting the Opportunities

At Health Datapalooza IV, Marcia Kean organized a group of panelists who will demonstrate in real-time the way new tools are accelerating research from the bench to the clinic. (Read more)

Catalyzing projects

As co-founder of the Data Liquidity Coalition, Marcia Kean is helping to identify and implement projects that deliver the key prerequisite for using healthcare data: data liquidity. (Read more)

Bridging to the media

Feature news. Social media. We’re blogging, linking, tweeting, announcing, all to ensure that the momentum is sustained.

Big Ideas re: Big Data