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Pharma Collaboration with Patient Advocacy: the Future of Medical Innovation?

In the age of molecularly-subgrouped patient populations, drug innovators are facing the challenge of how to identify and recruit enough patients with the right genetic profile. At the same time, patients are seeking more meaningful roles in the entire research process, and have realized that their greatest asset is themselves and their data – both clinical and genomic.

Such collaborations do not come easy, of course. The two groups come together with different cultures, mindsets, time schedules, and resources. At the end of the day, though, they share a common goal: moving as swiftly and effectively as possible towards safe and effective therapeutics that dramatically improve patient outcomes.

As part of the personalized medicine track at the 14th BioFlorida Annual Conference, Marcia Kean is chairing a panel discussion with Robert McBurney, CEO of Accelerated Cure Project for Multiple Sclerosis and Bill Tulskie, CEO & CTO of HealthCare IT, Inc., entitled “Partnering with Patient Advocacy Groups in Driving Medical Innovation”. The panelists will illuminate new models for collaboration that may accelerate discovery and development of personalized therapeutics, as well as changing in far-reaching ways the dynamics of the patient relationship with drug innovators. Attendees will also see a live demonstration of the online tools now available to facilitate such partnerships.

Come hear about collaboration, 21st century-style.