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Consumer Genetics Conference 2012 Recap

Craig Martin, CEO - Feinstein Kean Healthcare
“The key challenge to fully activating patients as part of the research process is a lack of connectivity. Biomarkers, patient-reported outcomes, virtual cohorts, analytics–these will allow a rapid-learning healthcare system to access valuable patient data.”
–Craig Martin, FKH CEO
Consumer Genetics Conference

The consumer genetics revolution is like travelling on the Japanese bullet train: the landscape seems familiar, but it’s going by so fast it’s hard to get your bearings. This year’s conference reflected changes in the industry, from the ‘gee whiz’ phase to products that deliver important information, with business models designed to go the distance. FKH was proud to be the exclusive communications partner for this conference, based on our long history as the innovators’ friend in genomics and personalized medicine.

Genomes R Us

Are patients really at the center of personalized medicine?
In his presentation on the shifting role of the patient, Feinstein Kean CEO Craig Martin described how engagement with patient communities can expedite research and drive adoption of innovative technologies in a new win-win formula.

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