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FKH serves the pharmaceutical industry and other therapeutic and disease management innovators. We help organizations of all sizes prepare to enter new markets and/or find a differentiated leadership position within existing product and disease categories.

Our experience spans the spectrum of disease categories, though we are particularly well-versed in neurological disorders, mental health, cardiovascular and metabolic conditions, oncology, infectious diseases, men’s and women’s health.

We pride ourselves on a deep understanding of the science behind the product. Our perspectives integrate the clinical, regulatory and perceptual landscape that influences treatment and care, as well as the shifting policy, societal and business trends that can also affect success. We know the industry inside and out and comprehend its unique dynamics, and we address the full spectrum of market opportunities and challenges.

These insights and experiences guide our critical thinking in supporting pipeline and marketed products, disease franchises and brand reputation, and are what set us apart from other firms.

Perhaps as a result, one hallmark of our work is long-lasting relationships. Most of our clients have been with us at least five years and some more than a decade. And year after year, these clients trust us with new brands as they approach the market.

We have offices and staff in a number of locations, including a NJ office located near many pharmaceutical companies’ U.S. headquarters; a DC office to reach policymakers, professional societies and the advocacy community; a Cambridge office where many R&D centers are sited; and a California office where research partnerships and clinical development abound – and all our sites and people work together seamlessly.

Since most pharmaceutical products go global, we have a close working relationship with our corporate parent Ogilvy and its network of offices and professionals around the world. Most of our clients have taken advantage of these resources to achieve a thoughtful and well-coordinated international program.

FKH addresses all aspects of product development, commercialization and adoption, from pre-launch through introduction and expansion over time. Among the services we offer:

  • Pipeline communication
  • Data/regulatory milestone announcements
  • Product approvals and launches
  • Brand positioning and building of therapeutic franchises
  • Creative national disease awareness campaigns
  • Science-based visibility
  • Issues management
  • Media relations
  • Social media engagement programs
  • Advocacy relations
  • Adherence and sales program support
  • Digital influence and e-patient/community engagement
  • Clinical trial recruitment
  • Payor relations and marketing programs
  • Professional and consumer engagement
  • Reinvigoration of mature brands
  • Internal communications
  • Executive visibility programs
  • Corporate brand visibility and reputation management

For more information please contact:

Lisa Gulledge
Executive Vice President
FKH Headquarters
617 577-8110