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Health Technology and Services

At Feinstein Kean, we work with organizations that reside where the science, technology and business of healthcare intersect. Our clients are driving revolutionary transformation in biomedicine through major advances in health technology (HIT, Bioinformatics, Medical Devices and Diagnostics). We also work with market leaders that are shaping the way in which healthcare services are accessed, financed and measured — including organizations such as health plans, disease management organizations, health systems and healthcare providers. Our unique understanding of the science, technology and business of healthcare provides clients with a powerful contextual perspective into what’s really going on in the industry today and where it’s headed.

FKH established a focus in the health technology and services market in recognition of emerging trends in which the capture, aggregation and application of complex molecular, clinical and administrative information, combined with a plethora of consumer electronic and medical technologies, is changing all aspects of healthcare. Its strength is reinforced by the firm’s nearly 25 year history of helping emerging and established healthcare organizations bring complex, novel therapies, products and services to market. It is through that heritage and experience that we are able to work with clients to implement programs that establish market-leadership positioning, accelerate product/service adoption, and achieve growth objectives. Our efforts and our clients are at the forefront of advancing personalized healthcare and “evidence-” or “information-based” medicine, which are catalyzing the next, great shift in our healthcare system.

Relevant Experience

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