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Health Sciences

Biotech and Beyond…

Feinstein Kean Healthcare has always been synonymous with biotechnology communications.

Over more than 20 years, we have developed an unrivaled understanding of the unique business, regulatory and scientific challenges facing our industry. We have helped more than 350 biotech companies create and demonstrate value to their stakeholders.

Today, we work with a growing number of companies at all stages — start-up, developmental, and commercial — that are pushing new boundaries in scientific and business model innovation.

Molecular and Personalized Medicine…

From biotech, we moved naturally to the era of personalized medicine, becoming the first communications firm to establish a focus in that field. Again, we educated the media on underlying science, helped guide the strategy of the industry association, built bridges among previously-unconnected constituencies, and organized the events that have framed the debate around policy and regulatory issues.

Academic, Policy, Patient Advocacy Organizations…and Professional Societies

The key constituencies within the biomedical sphere have a dual communications challenge: to inform policymakers about innovation and the need for change, and to enhance their own membership and fund-raising capabilities. Feinstein Kean is woven into the fabric of these entities, helping them to position themselves and their message platforms to the right target audiences to achieve their goals. As a result of our contacts in the biotech and biopharmaceutical industries, we can also help to forge relationships across sectors that benefit everyone.

Relevant Experience

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