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Idis: Driving Market Development and Thought Leadership


UK-based Idis sought to educate US-based audiences on the nature and benefits of expanded access programs. Expanded access programs allow patients who have exhausted all treatment options and do not meet clinical trial inclusion criteria to potentially gain access to investigational drugs. Idis partners with pharmaceutical and biotech companies to develop and manage such programs.

At the time, the company had limited brand equity among US audiences, and there was limited awareness and understanding of the expanded access category.

The vision for Idis was a US market wherein key stakeholders – pharma/biotech industry, advocates, physicians, patients and regulators – fully appreciate the benefits of expanded access and fully associated those benefits with Idis, driving market and thought leadership for the company.


The FKH approach focused on:

  • Increasing awareness and understanding of expanded access
  • Addressing / removing barriers to consideration of such programs
  • Placing Idis at the epicenter of expanded access advocacy, differentiating the company as the leader in the field
  • Driving market growth via corresponding awareness of expanded access and Idis

To address the initial state of limited brand equity, FKH partnered with well-recognized, well-respected publications such as Pharmaceutical Executive and PharmaVOICE to develop and deliver Idis-sponsored webinars and podcasts.


Integrated marketing communications and media relations efforts generated over 2000 leads for the business development pipeline. Contacts identified from webinars and conferences led directly to incremental revenue. FKH solidified positioning of the company as the “convener of the discussion” surrounding expanded access through conferences, a media forum, and nearly two dozen published articles.

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