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Harvard Medical School and Partners Healthcare Personalized Medicine Conference

For the 8th consecutive year, FKH Chairman Marcia Kean is serving on the organizing committee of the Personalized Medicine Conference, widely considered the premier event in the field.

Why is this year’s conference of special relevance?

  • Pharma + targeted therapies: In recent months, some of the most interesting targeted therapies, such as Xalkori®, have entered the market, and the industry is rapidly expanding its pipeline of molecularly sub-grouped products. Leading companies, including Janssen R&D and Astellas, are featured on the program.
  • Genomic information gets “productized”: As the cost of sequencing plummets, we are awash in genomic data, which has the potential to revolutionize healthcare if channeled productively. Speakers from Oracle, Siemens, and Perkin Elmer will opine on what to expect.
  • International players: Israel, China, Norway, and Canada are guests on this year’s agenda to describe their countries’ commitment and the models they are pursuing.

As a long-time friend of the Partners Center for Personalized Genetic Medicine, the Feinstein Kean Healthcare team supports conference communications and outreach each year. “Since the beginning of this field,” said Raju Kucherlapati at last year’s event, “Feinstein Kean has been at the forefront with the pioneers, galvanizing the community towards development and adoption of personalized medicine.”