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The Innovator’s Partner for over 25 Years

The past as prelude…

For more than 25 years, Feinstein Kean Healthcare has worked alongside innovators in life sciences.  In the early days of biotech, we helped to explain recombinant DNA…monoclonal antibodies…stem cells…oncogenes…immunotherapy…in order to shape the value proposition of companies in a fledgling industry.  Over time, we helped to launch and support novel therapies to treat HIV and Multiple Sclerosis and Diabetes.  Later, we translated the intricacies of nanotechnology and genomics and proteomics, and launched campaigns around personalized medicine and its potential impact on medicine and all of healthcare.

Today, we are turning our attention to shaping an even more encompassing and dramatic concept built on the convergence of biological and imaging technologies, informatics and analysis of massive amounts of biological and clinical data, the ‘sleeping giant’ of consumer power, and the ubiquity of smart digital capabilities in our lives.

Many of our corporate, academic, and patient advocacy clients have succeeded as they brought disruptive technologies and ideas to the marketplace; many more did not, because often the first generation of a new technology is imperfect…or the market is not ready for those too far ahead of the curve…or the cultural obstacles they face prove too daunting.  But we have persisted with all these pioneers, as they seek relentlessly to bring the nation and the world a new generation of products to improve clinical care and make us all healthier.

Looking forward, the role of Feinstein Kean as a firm is evolving, as the landscape of healthcare itself shifts dramatically.  Increasingly, we are standing shoulder to shoulder with the innovators, creating the tools and strategies that are needed to accelerate biomedical research.  For example:

  • We’ve worked with a nationally prominent Advisory Committee at the Institute of Medicine to create the concept of a national coalition to enable rapid data exchange in cancer research, and we chair the Steering Committee that will launch a new organization to work across the healthcare continuum to achieve data liquidity in biomedicine.
  • We have defined a critical intersection between science and policy that will affect innovation in cancer research for years to come. We co-convened with the Personalized Medicine and American Association for Cancer Research a conference entitled “Turning the Tide Against Cancer” for policymakers to focus on these issues. To frame that debate, we interviewed more than 30 experts around the nation, and summarized their best thinking in a conference discussion paper. We continue with the co-conveners to advance this Turning the Tide initiative.
  • We have co-developed a new suite of services for patient advocacy organizations that will enable them to mobilize their members to accelerate research, through the collection and aggregation of massive amounts of healthcare data never before available to chart the natural history of disease.

Today, we stand on the brink of an exciting new generation of healthcare that will unfold over the next 25 years.  Consistent with the FKH tradition, we are committed to working shoulder to shoulder with all our innovator clients and colleagues until that is achieved.

Marcia A. Kean
Chairman, Strategic Initiatives

Craig Martin
Chief Executive Officer