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FKH was established in 1987 to help science-based innovators to transform medicine and health.

We began with the nascent biotech industry, and went on to help more than 300 biotech firms to raise capital and position themselves as visible and credible for financing and corporate alliances.

We then set our sights on pharmaceuticals, helping mid-size and large global companies to improve patients’ understanding and raise awareness of brands that are changing clinical outcomes in cancer, diabetes, HIV, multiple sclerosis and other neurological conditions, rare diseases, serious infections, urological disorders, and women’s health.

With the arrival of the new millennium, we created the world’s first molecular medicine communications practice, and stood with government agencies, academic centers, and commercial start-ups at the intersection of genomics, proteomics, informatics, and team science.

Today, we are also front and center in health information technology and bioinformatics, helping to broker the convergence among IT, biology, medicine and consumer empowerment in the movement known as Health 2.0.

FKH clients don’t just “bend the curve”…they are out ahead of the curve, where innovation changes everything.