Feinstein Kean has decades of experience helping companies at every stage of development and commercialization to drive their value proposition. Our cadre of specialists, including science writers and editors, policy experts, publicists, digital influencers, communications planners, and social marketers, are focused on where the science is headed at dizzying speed and how best to leverage and commercialize innovation in the healthcare industry.


Engaging with customers in mobile and online settings can reap big rewards for brands, including increased customer loyalty and more rapid uptake of new products. The FKH Digital Influence team uses social media, digital marketing, and new technologies to build integrated campaigns that effectively build a two-way channel with constituents around ideas, products, and social action.


Feinstein Kean uses all forms of visual arts media to advance our clients’ organizational objectives—branding, print design, web design and development, and strong skills with the latest digital and interactive tools—to engage targeted audiences. By incorporating attention-getting, visually compelling, and user-centric communications into these channels, FKH attracts the right eyes to the right place at the right times.