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Revolutionizing Healthcare

Irreproducibility in Life Science Research: A Pervasive Problem

Reproducibility is the foundation of life science research, yet far too often, the inability to reproduce experimental data has resulted in the invalidation of research breakthroughs, retraction of published papers, abrupt discontinuation of studies, and reduced trust in the research enterprise.

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The FKH Commitment to Rare Disease

We have unmatched experience and personal sense of commitment to improve the lives of patients suffering from rare diseases.

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Data Liquidity to Drive Research and Improve Patient Care

Information technology has transformed virtually every sector of our lives – except for life sciences and healthcare. That’s finally giving way as everyone from the bench scientist… to the family doctor… to 6,000 American hospitals go digital. Feinstein Kean is working at the vanguard with the leaders of this revolution: Helping to define the policy [...]

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