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Revolutionizing Healthcare Archive


Health Datapalooza is the premier national conference on liberating health data to achieve better health outcomes. The event, organized by the Health Data Consortium, showcases in real-time the most innovative tools and services that use Big Data to improve healthcare.

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Power IT Up: Big Data Meets Healthcare

Health Datapalooza is the place where those who are powering the data-driven revolution come together. Healthcare data will disrupt or power your business soon, so be sure to check out our recap of Health Datapalooza IV.

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What Facebook’s Graph Search Means for Healthcare

Facebook recently announced a new product launching in limited beta – Graph Search. The product aims to completely restructure the current Facebook search functionality and create additional opportunities for users to discover new content and connections among their friends and within the entire Facebook platform.

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Funding the Next Discovery

Against a backdrop of shrinking budgets from NIH and elsewhere, FKH was proud to co-sponsor Funding the Next Discovery, a reception to benefit the American Cancer Society (ACS) on January 30, 2013.

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Families Fighting Flu Public Education Efforts

Stay Healthy This Flu Season

In the United States, flu season can begin in October and can run as late as May, with peak activity typically seen in January or February. Flu awareness is critical, and FKH is proud of its ongoing work with Families Fighting Flu, a national nonprofit organization comprised mainly of families whose children have suffered serious medical complications or died from flu, to educate about the importance of flu prevention.

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Consumer Genetics Conference 2012 Recap

The consumer genetics revolution is like travelling on the Japanese bullet train: the landscape seems familiar, but it’s going by so fast it’s hard to get your bearings. This year’s conference October 3-5, 2012, reflects changes in the industry, from the ‘gee whiz’ phase to products that deliver important information, with business models designed to go the distance. Feinstein Kean is the exclusive communications partner for this conference, based on our long history as the innovators’ friend in genomics and personalized medicine.

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Collaborating with Nonprofits on Medical Research

Patient advocacy is evolving from direct influence to direct impact. As patients become not just advocates but active drivers in product development, pharmaceutical and biotech companies will need to adapt their research models to take advantage of patient input, data, and investment. FKH CEO Craig Martin framed the conversation as chair of a panel discussion, [...]

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Conference to Examine Actions and Policies Needed to Catalyze Progress in Personalized Cancer Medicine Despite Challenging Fiscal Environment

On June 12, 2012, in Washington, D.C., the Personalized Medicine Coalition, the American Association for Cancer Research and Feinstein Kean Healthcare convened “Turning the Tide Against Cancer Through Sustained Medical Innovation,” a national conference to consider the status and future of cancer innovation and personalized medicine.

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Milestone Events in Personalized Medicine

FKH has been a pioneer in the personalized medicine space since 2003 when we founded a special practice in this area to address the opportunities that would transform every sector in healthcare The dizzying advances in technology ($1,000 genome?) are now enabling policymakers to view personalized medicine as a potential solution to the economic crisis [...]

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TEDMED: Poetry Slam for Innovators

Susan Newberry Klees, Senior Consultant, FKH

I have just returned from TEDMED, a gravity force field for the latest innovations in medical technology and healthcare problem solving. The conference was part poetry slam and part innovation speed dating for the 800 or so leaders in medicine that attended. The conference (more on that terminology in [...]

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