Our health systems have never been more disrupted. Innovative science and technologies are advancing rapidly, and the system is struggling to keep up. Yet, from our vantage point  working with the disruptors and disrupted-we see unprecedented  opportunities to transform healthcare.

Craig Martin
Chief Executive Officer


  • Senior Counselor to dozens of Fortune 500 companies, leading global institutions and government agencies, as well as many emerging enterprises
  • Speaker and panelist at industry events focused on changes in health care, implications for health system stakeholders and changing models for patient and constituent engagement
  • Expertise in organizational strategy, brand development, advocacy and public affairs, marketing and risk/crisis communication
  • Serves on the board of Peace First, a national organization equipping young students with skills in conflict management and avoidance as a means of preventing violence.
Craig Martin has spent a quarter century working with innovators in the life sciences, technology and health care. He counsels leaders from industry, academia, government and non-profits to meet challenges and opportunities presented by the advancement of new and novel technologies, products, services, policies and ideas.His recent work has centered on helping organizations develop and adapt business, market entry, positioning and communication strategies based on major shifts in health care, including: health reform, emerging reimbursement and care delivery models, the rise of “big data”, consumer empowerment, the advancement toward personalized health, and the new and innovative science and technologies driving many of these trends.

His client relationships at FKH include pharmaceutical, diagnostic, genetic testing, drug development, technology, health analytics business consulting and services companies, as well as advocacy groups, health systems and academic research centers.

Craig began his career working with organizations in the midst of responding to dramatic changes in environmental, health and safety policy, technologies, practices, and public and market expectations.

His background includes work in Washington, DC, New York and Cambridge as well as international markets, and building and establishing a global network of specialized consultancies to serve client needs.